The unstoppable decay of hope

“How many young college graduates have taken demanding jobs in high-powered firms, vowing that they will work hard to earn money that will enable them to retire and pursue their real interests when they are thirty-five? But by the time they reach that age, they have large mortgages, children to school, houses in the suburbs…


Budapest: a surreal city

Forgive the blue skies for giving you the impression that it was a warm day whilst I took pictures of Matthias Church in the Buda Castle district, because during my entire stay in Budapest the weather hung around the -1 or -2 mark in the evenings, with barmy highs of 4 degrees during the day.…


Window to their world, Vietnam 2016

This was probably my favourite photograph of the whole trip. I wish WordPress allowed larger pictures (although I totally understand why it does not) because the detail in this picture is great. There is something very unfamiliar about this picture and it reminds me just how different Vietnam was.