The thing you wrote today might suck. The thing you write tomorrow might suck. The thing you might write next week, after writing something every day that sucks, might suck.

And you know what?

None of it matters. I can already hear all of the words you are going to say. They are coming from a place far away from here, but it is a real place, and you can reach it. Perfectly formed words. Words you didn’t even realize you had in you.

I haven’t reached it. This apex. I don’t many people who have. But I know a few. Those that reach it, reach only for the next ledge. It is a never ending battle. There is no evolution without struggle. Telling yourself that the thing you have spent hours on sucks is not to accept defeat, or to wallow, but to get back up out of bed the next day and write something else.

I looked back on some old work of mine today. It sucked. I thought it was perfect at the time. It’s not. It’s weak. Soppy. Too self-aware. Lacking subtlety. Self-deprecation and self-criticism is the key to success. It is not through others that you will progress. It comes from within your self.

If you are brave enough to say to yourself, “Everything I have done today sucks,” then you will be brave enough one day, to sit down with an agent, customer, friend, and say, “Listen, I think I’ve got something good.” And they’ll believe you, because you believe yourself.



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